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This is a Special Wiki that is based on the "Anime Conventions: The Global Connection" Guild that is on the Website. The following comes from the Guild's Home page on Gaiaonline:

You like anime, right? You go to conventions, right? Maybe you go to at least one a year, right? You like to talk about the conventions with people, right?


We are the only global convention Guild as well as the largest convention and/or cosplay Guild on Gaia, and our numbers continue to grow!

This guild is dedicated to bringing together all of us con-goers, old and new! Instead of having to join several guilds in order to talk about each con you go to, why not join one guild where you can talk about any and all conventions?

You don't have to have gone to Otakon to talk about it! You don't have to live on the West Coast to talk about SakuraCon! Heck, you don't even have to live in the United States to talk about American conventions!

Talk about past/present conventions, cosplay ideas/help, show off pictures, plan photoshoots, discuss music/industry guests, do what you want!

Already so many people have connected with one another-- People that go to the same conventions but have never met each other until now! Meet up with the Gaians you meet on here-- Trust me, at least one of us goes to the same convention that you do.

Please note that it will be some time before this a fully functioning Wiki. Stay Tuned.

Smithers456 (Ron), Guild Captain - Anime Conventions: The Global Connection Guild,

Anime Conventions: The Global Connection Wiki Links Founder

Describe your topicEdit

Anime Conventions: The Global Connection Guild Mission Statement           

1, Manga - Artists and Writing. We have had Fan Art and Writing Contests in the past.

2. Anime - Favorite Series, Characters, J-Pop / K-Pop, Voice Acting, etc.

3. Cosplay - Outfit Creation, Role Playing, Advice and Crossplay.

4. Conventions - Events, Information, and finding other Members to meet at Cons.

5. Otaku - Finding out more about each other and what we Love the most as a Fan.

6. Gaming - Letting other Members know how to join you in a game, learning about New and Old Video Games, playing RPG's, and talking about your favorite Video Games.

Anime Role Playing Extraordinaire Role Play Guild Mission Statement

Many of the RPG's on Gaia are based on current and past Anime TV series, Video Games, and other interests out their.

Have you ever wondered how to create either an Anime TV series or how to create an Original Anime Role Playing Game? Writers of both Manga books & Anime TV series have to consider many things like characters, settings, plots, and themes. Come join me in the creative writing challenge aspect of new and original series.

Once a few original RPG's have been created on this Guild please join me in posting to them. The more posts that members do the better that I will get at creating new RPG's. I will also consider creating RPG's based on current and past Anime series or current or past video games. If it's a series or video game that I'm not familiar with I would like the member that put in the request  to help me create it so that it will be accurate.

Smithers456 (Ron) Guild Captain

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